L’université de Tel Aviv accueille un colloque sur “L’histoire du cycle de Jacob” les 17 et 18 décembre prochains.

Ce colloque international s’inscrit dans le cadre du projet Sinergia sur “L’histoire du Pentateuque” financé par le Fonds national suisse.

Voici le programme :
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Monday, December 17

09:00-09:15 – Coffee and Gathering
09:15–09:30 – Introduction to the Jacob Track in the Sinergia Project:
Aims and Achievements (Israel Finkelstein, Oded Lipschits,
Christophe Nihan, Thomas Römer, Konrad Schmid)

09:30–11:00 – Compilation, Redaction and Reception of the Jacob Cycle
Chair: Oded Lipschits

Konrad Schmid: Shifting Political Theologies in the Literary
Development of the Jacob Cycle
Dalit Rom Shiloni: Genesis 31: A Key to Question the Compilation of
the Jacob Stories

11:00–11:30 – Coffee Break


Guy Darshan: Jacob Traditions and their Reception in Prophetic Literature
Meira Polliack: The Priestly Account of the End of Jacob’s Life: A New Proposal

13:00–14:30 – Lunch Break

14:30–16:00 – The Jacob Cycle in its Historical Context
Chair: Israel Finkelstein

Christian Frevel: Jacob as the Father of the Twelve Tribes (Genesis
29–31): Literary and Historical Considerations
Friederike Neumann: Jacob, Laban and the Two Daughters: Insights into
the Formation of the Jacob-Laban-Story (Genesis 29–31)

16:00–16:30 – Coffee Break

Thomas Römer: How Jacob Became Israel: Thoughts on Genesis 28 and 32
Jakob Wöhrle: Jacob from Israel and Jacob from Judah Reflections upon
the Formation and the Historical Backgrounds of the Jacob Story
Benedikt Hensel: Israel and Edom in the Jacob Narrative

Tuesday, December 18

09:00-09:15 – Coffee and Gathering

09:00–10:30 – Archaeological and Historical Perspectives on the Pre-P
Jacob Cycle
Chair: Christophe Nihan

Assaf Kleiman: Aram and Israel in the Northern Gilead: A Long-Term Perspective
Omer Sergi: The Jacob Cycle and Israelite Identity: Resurrecting
Israel’s Association of Kin

10:30–11:00 – Coffee Break

11:00–13:15 – Bethel: Archaeology and Its Role in the Jacob Cycle
Chair: Konrad Schmid

Aaron Tavger: “And He Called the Name of that Place Bethel” (Genesis
28:19): Archaeology and Geographical-History at the Sanctuary of
Oded Lipschits: Archaeology and Text, Text and Archaeology:
Methodological Notes and Bethel as a Case-Study
Israel Finkelstein: Bethel: What is There and What “Should be There”
(to Fit a Theory), But is Not There

J’ai hâte d’y être ! 🙂
Pour tout renseignement, rendez-vous sur le site Internet du projet.

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