1 Enoch 9:6 is not preserved in Aramaic. The earliest textual witness is in Greek and uses the term adikia “unrighteousness.” The same term is found in the Old Greek version of Genesis 6:11, which refers to the same story. The corresponding Hebrew word in Genesis 6:11 is ḥamas “violence, wrong” and not avon. In Ezekiel 28:18, the term adikia is found in the Old Greek version; is does not correspond to avon but to ‘evel “iniquity, unrighteousness.” 
Note that, in Ezekiel 28:18, the King of Tyre is condemned because of his own unrighteousness, not because he revealed unrighteousness to others. Although later traditions associated him with the fallen angels, this does not seem to be the author's intended meaning.
As for Azazel in Leviticus 16, to whom the scapegoat is sent, ancient traditions indeed associate him with fallen angels, though the earliest manuscripts of the Book of Enoch, in Aramaic, refer to Asael and not Azazel. It is probable that Asael was later pronounced Azael (as in the Greek version of the Book of Enoch), which made it easier to associate it with Azazel (as in Leviticus).

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1 Enoch 9:6 says of Azazel that he taught all

(iniquity/unrighteousness) on earth. What would that word be if

brought over into Hebrew from the Aramaic? Is it "a-von" which is

usually translated as "iniquity" in the KJV and some of the other


 In the OT from a time sequence, "avon" is first used of Lucifer in

Ezek 28:18 as the "multitude of thy iniquities (avon).

 Then of Cain in Gen 4:13 …punishment (avon) is greater than he can


 Then in Gen 15:16 that Abraham's descendants will come back when the

"avon" of the Amorites is full.

 Then to Lot in Gen 19:15 "lest you be consumed in the "avon" of the


 Gen 44:16 where Judah says to Joseph that God has found out the

"avon" of (the brothers).

 Then Ex 20:5 "…visiting the iniquity ("avon") of the fathers even

to 3rd, 4th generation….

 skipping …

 Lev 16 Day of Atonement makes the distinctions of sin, transgression

and iniquity (avon). Aaron transfers the iniquity to the head of the

goat that is lead to the wilderness. There the word for scapegoat is

"Azazel" in Hebrew.

 Am I correct in understanding that Lucifer and Azazel are the fallen

angels responsible for teaching "iniquity/avon" to man?


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