Interview on CNA Channel

I am interviewed in “Face à face” on CNA Channel.

Interview for Le monde de la Bible on the seal of Hezekiah

I have been interviewed by Le Monde de la Bible magazine on the seal of King Hezekiah, following the discovery of a new bulla a few months ago.

Interview for Réveil Magazine, April 2016

Regional Reformed magazine “Réveil” (Centre-Alpes-Rhône) interviewed me on my current scientific projects.

Faith and Arts: Psalmodia Summer Course in Gagnières

I am one of the speakers of the Psalmodia Summer Course in Gagnières on August 5-14, 2016.

IUF 2016 Annual Conference: The Image

I am in Rennes for the University Institute of France annual conference on June 6-8, 2016.